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Welcome to our Anne Boleyn Wiki site! A site especially for Anne Boleyn fans.

Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth
There's something about Anne Boleyn that has got people still talking about her even 500 years after she was born and she is by far the most popular of Henry VIII's Six Wives.


Join this Anne Boleyn Wiki and have your say.

Calling all Anne Boleyn and Tudor fans!

Join our community and have fun! Simply use the "Easy Edit" button on any page to get started.

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This Anne Boleyn Wiki is about the amazing historical character, Anne Boleyn, and all things Tudor.

We appeal to all history buffs, fans of "The Tudors" show and those who love Anne Boleyn to contribute to this wiki and make it the ultimate guide to Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII's reign. Get contributing now!

You can write about Anne, Henry VIII, The Tudors show, Tudor movies, Tudor books and more. Have fun and let's build a great community!

The Anne Boleyn Files Site

Our main site can be found at www.theanneboleynfiles.com and offers articles about Anne Boleyn and Tudor history, "The Tudors" jewelry, resources, forum, free report, Anne Boleyn dresses and much more!

Anne Boleyn B Necklace
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Favourite Anne Boleyn Videos - What's Yours?

Check out our Anne Boleyn video pages:-

Please see the Wiki Rules and Instructions before contributing to this site - thanks!

How to Contribute?

There are many ways in which you can contribute to our Anne Boleyn wiki:-

  • Is the site missing something? - Add a page.
  • Read a book about Anne Boleyn or the Tudors? - Write a review.
  • Got an opinion about Anne Boleyn or Henry VIII? - Share it with others.
  • Browse our existing pages and give your thoughts.
  • Add images and video clips to share with others.
  • Anne Boleyn vitals - Do you know a fact that not many people know? Show off!
  • Start a discussion on the discussion board.
All you have to do is click on the "Easy Edit" button and you can edit and add to any page. Enjoy!

Anne Boleyn Movies and TV

Who's Your Favourite Anne Boleyn? Natalie Dormer, Natalie Portman, Dorothy Tutin, Jodhi May...?
Contribute and tell us who you think played the best Anne Boleyn and why?
Natalie Dormer Natalie Portman
The Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn Files The Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn Files
Helena Bonham Carter The Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn Files
The Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn Files The Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn Files

Which are your favourite Tudor movies and shows?
The Tudors or The Other Boleyn Girl?

Anne Boleyn

Anne Boleyn Facts

What do you know about Anne Boleyn? Share your knowlege!

Debunk myths!

Spread the truth!


The Influence of Anne Boleyn

What influence did Anne have over Henry, England and history?

Should we only remember her for her execution or did she change history?

Anne Boleyn Appearance and Style

Expore Anne's unique style which is still affecting fashion today.

Explore the costumes and jewellery used in "The Tudors".

Buy replicas at our shop.
Anne Boleyn B Necklace


Addicted to Anne?

Why does this woman get under our skin?

What is it about Anne that has people around the world obsessed with knwoing more?

Why is she the most popular of Henry VIII's wives?

Meet other Anne fans, share the addiction and discuss and debate.

Anne Boleyn Resources

Books, DVDs, downloads and more The Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn FilesThe Anne Boleyn Files Home - The Anne Boleyn Files
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